Creating Photographers, Not Consumers: Canon’s Creator Lab and Student Advantage Program

As part of what I’m going to refer to as Canon Canada’s new community-building mandate, the Canon Creator Lab was only just created.

Many businesses these days emphasize the need of cultivating a sense of community and providing a setting that fosters personal development.

At best, most of it appears to be empty rhetoric. On the other hand, we can see that Canon Canada is investing time and money into a free hub that is intended to assist photographers in improving their skills while also really engaging with one another.

I am glad to call myself a Canadian because Canon’s Canadian office is striving to become a leader in this field within the photographic community throughout the world.
The Creator Lab at Canon Canada is primarily concerned with a select few critical topics.

Access to the event will only be available through Creator Lab. Photographers, for instance, have the opportunity to sign up for live, in-person workshops like the one that took place in Toronto this past week called Sail into Summer. The purpose of the workshop that took place on board the 165-foot tall ship Kajama was to bring together members of the creative community in Toronto while they were out on the lake at sunset.

Participants had the opportunity to interact with other creators, use a variety of gear, and had the option to work with professional talent on board thanks to Canon Canada’s arrangement of private access to the ship for the duration of the sunset cruise. Canon Canada facilitated this access.

Creator Lab subscribers will have the opportunity to test new cameras and lenses before the general public does so.

In addition, Canon’s Professional Services and an updated version of the Student Advantage program, which is geared toward secondary and post-secondary students, will be housed in the Creator Lab. The Student Advantage program is currently offered at no cost and comprises the following components:

  • Price reductions on a selection of printers, lenses, and cameras
    a discount of twenty percent on all service and repair work
    Quick and efficient maintenance and fixes
    repairs made outside of the warranty period are eligible for subsidized delivery.
    Free of charge to join.