Moment long weekend camera bags & straps review


I love a good long weekend and a good old-fashioned road trip. It’s fun to throw your bags in the back, put your loved ones in the front seats, start the car, and head out to some great music.

It’s a memory that most of us can relate to in some way: the windows down, the wind blowing through your hair, and the overwhelming joy of a new experience.
The people at Long Weekend have been able to capture a lot of that feeling and put it into a line of carrying

gear for photographers and people who like to go on adventures.

They didn’t follow the same path as other brands. Instead, they went in a completely different direction. The Long Weekend range was made by taking ideas from happy times in the past and, in my opinion, mixing them with retro streetwear vibes.

What is Long Weekend?

The Moment Long Weekend range inspired us to get out and find new places to shoot.

These bags were made by people who love adventure, style, and photography. They were inspired by long, beautiful trips and capturing life on film.

Long Weekend was made to encourage you to get out and see the world while documenting and capturing memories, whether you’re wandering the streets of a busy city, driving along a beautiful coast, or going off the beaten path through a forest.

The people behind the brand set out to make their vision come true, and they made a line of gear that, to me, reminds me of times gone by but is still vivid in our minds.

I feel like their designs are from the 1990s, which reminds me of playing with my parents’ film cameras in the back of the car on vacation and learning to love photography.

Santa Fe Shoulder Bag

There's no reason all bags can't be a little fun and quirky. Long Weekend definitely took that and ran with it!

With a capacity of up to 3L, the Santa Fe Shoulder Bag is the largest bag in this range. It is made of weatherproof 500D recycled nylon and has smooth, reliable YKK zippers.

It comes in a unique cream and blue colorway or a more subtle black design. It has two small pouches on the outside and a single full-width zipper pouch with a see-through mesh on the inside.

This bag is big enough to hold a small mirrorless camera with a small prime lens or a small point-and-shoot camera along with things you need every day.

It’s great for day trips or short trips, and it’s the right size to just grab and go! Just bring what you need, and enjoy your time away.

You can put your keys, extra batteries, or even a small film or point-and-shoot digital camera in the front pockets if you’re a pocket shooter.

Dynamic in that it doesn't serve just one carry purpose, the Santa Fe Shoulder Bag is as interchangeable as your own outfit.

This bag doesn’t have a lot of padding. Instead, it’s made to be a simple, lightweight shoulder bag that you can use to carry the things you need for an adventure.

I could fit my Sony A7 III camera with a Sony 24mm f/1.8 Zeiss prime lens, a cardigan, sunglasses, wallet, batteries, and a few other essentials in it.

In place of something like the cardigan, my Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 fits vertically, but keep in mind that this bag does not have any padded dividers. So, put extra lenses in a lens pouch to keep them safe.

The Long Weekend Santa Fe Shoulder Bag is a great deal at just under US$60, especially considering how well it is made and how light it is. It’s a great, simple bag that has already come in handy many times.

The Santa Fe Shoulder Bag is a great choice for simpler times. It is versatile enough to carry dog supplies for walks in the park or camera gear for trips to the big city.