The H&Y’s new Swift magnetic accessory system – full review

The Revering idea from H&Y isn’t new, but the latest version combines the best parts of previous versions with new and improved features to make the filter experience even more seamless.

In this review, we’ll look at a unique filter holder with a threaded ring that lets you attach a variety of magnetic accessories to lenses of different sizes.

As with previous Revoring models, this one has a single, adjustable ring that can be made smaller or bigger to fit almost any lens with a filter thread between 46mm and 62mm.

The first Revorings had a thread that you could screw your filter into. Later versions, like the variable ND and polarizer shown above, came with the filter already built-in

. The new Swift design makes the system even better by adding magnetic accessories, new filters, and a filter holder that you can drop in.

The name “Swift” comes from the fact that accessories and filters should be easy to change because they should just snap on and off in an instant. Most of the time, they do.

I put the variable ND, a Black Mist, and a polarizer on top of each other behind the lens hood to show that you can. You’ll notice that the hood is made of the same kind of rubber as camera eyecups and that it collects dust in the same way.

This doesn’t change how it works, but it makes it look a little dirty in product photos.




Once the Revering is on the lens, we can add the other parts, making sure to put them on the right way and in the right order.

If you try to mount something the wrong way, the magnets will make the two pieces repel each other, so you know right away that you need to turn the new one around.
Things that connect directly to the Revoring, like the variable ND, have a smooth surface where they connect.

Most of the accessories have notches that help them line up with each other. If you want to attach one of these to the Revoring, you’ll need the bridging ring on the Revoring first.

From there, you can attach the square filter holder, the drop-in filter holder, the hood, or the matte box.

It’s important to know that this system’s new variable ND comes in two strengths: 1.5-5 stops and 6-9 stops. Both versions have a hard stop at the end that keeps people from going into the dangerous X cross-polarization zone.

Build and strength

Since the first prototype Revoring came out about two years ago, I’ve used them, and they’ve always stood the test of time.

I also have the early 100x150mm magnetic filters, which I think are very good.

This new system doesn’t change from what I’ve come to expect from H&Y in terms of quality, and the accessories, rings, adapters, and filters are all very well made.

The mechanics of how all the different parts work together have been well thought out.

Users will need to take some time to learn how the system works at first, but once they do, it’s easy to get used to the way things work.

I think the biggest worry about the system will be how well the magnets hold the accessories in place and how likely it is that everything will fall off during a shoot and into the river.

Instead, we might wonder if we have enough strength to pull the magnets apart.

It has been well thought out how all of the different parts work together.

I’m only half-joking because the magnets are strong and hold the different layers of the kit together securely and without any sign of a sudden break.

When taking off the accessories, it’s not always easy to take off just the one you want because they’re stuck together, but I found that the Revorings always stayed in place, so rearranging and reattaching holders and hoods is easy and not a hassle.

Not only do the magnets keep everything in place, but each accessory fits a little inside the next, which keeps them from moving and keeps them in the right place.

I thought the matte box might be a little wobbly because it is so much bigger than a filter, but it turns out I didn’t need to worry about that because it stays in place just fine.

The matte box is surprisingly light and well-made. We can’t attach side flags to it, but there are 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads on the top and a half-depth cold shoe on the bottom.

The H&Y 100x150mm filters fit perfectly in the front hole of the matte box, but there is no way to attach them right now.

Even though H&Y doesn’t make horizontal filters, you can use any 100mm square or rectangular filter with their magnetic frames.

The company just announced that if its current Kickstarter campaign gets enough money, it will make a Cinematic Filter Holder for 100 x 100mm (4 x 4″) and 100 x 150mm (4 x 5.65″) filters.

Based on the picture, it looks like the matte box will go over it instead of the filters going in front of the rig.

I guess that keeps them safer from flares, dust, and rain as well.

so is it good to buy?

Yeah sure, is both the long and the short answer. This is a good system that really does make things easier and faster, just like its name says it will.

It’s well-thought-out and well-made, and the magnets are strong enough to handle any real-world situation I could throw at them.

I’d like a way to attach the hood to the oblong filter holder and a way to load 100mm filters in front of or behind the matte box, along with a set of horizontal filters.

Whether or not the current campaign reaches its “stretch goal” of $300,000, this would be a good thing to add.