Sony World Photography Awards 2022: Striking Pics From Professional Finalists

Sony World Photography Awards 2022: Striking Pics From Professional Finalists

The finalists for the Professional category of the Sony World Photography Awards 2022 have been announced. The images that made the cut focus on things like climate change and the Covid crisis.

The World Photography Organization announced the finalists on Tuesday, just a few days after announcing the winners of the National Award part of the competition

n. The Professional competition awards photographers for “technical skill and an original approach to contemporary subjects.”
The World Photography Organisation started the Sony World Photography Awards 15 years ago. This year, more than 340,000 photos from all over the world were sent to the Sony World Photography Awards competition. Over 156,000 photos were submitted to the Professional competition, and from those, three finalists were chosen for each of the 10 categories.

Here are some of the most striking images from the Professional finalists of the Sony World Photography Awards 2022.

This amazing picture was taken by photographer Milan Radisics as a fox jumped on the windshield of his car. “For eight months, I spent almost every night sitting at the window of my cottage in the middle of the forest, where wild animals live almost like neighbors of the villagers,” he said. ”

When I parked in the yard for the first time, Roxy did something she didn’t usually do: she jumped up right away. I wasn’t ready to take a picture of this scene, but I knew she would be back in an hour and a half, so I set up the lights and went into a dark room to wait.


I was lucky that she got back up and looked inside the car as the camera clicked.”

These pictures were taken in the kitchen by photographer Ichio Usui, who only used natural light.

The photographer said, “This project involves putting toy eyes on the “subjects” (items of food waste) to turn them into characters. This is an attempt to show the lives that are lost when food is thrown away.”


“Moroccan Breakfast” by Celine Pannetier was one of the finalists in the Still Life category. “Since I was stuck at home, I decided to do some research and make a series of fun, colorful pictures with food I like,” she said.

Hugh Fox’s pictures bring to mind the quiet, thoughtful times during the pandemic. “During the lockdown, I took a lot of pictures of my family.


This is Smokey, our cat, who spends a lot of his time like this. It was something we all did a lot of “he said.

The US Capitol riots of January 2021 are captured in a striking photo by Win McNamee.

In this picture, “Jacob Chansley, also known as the QAnon shaman, cries “Freedom” inside the US Senate chamber after supporters of former US President Donald Trump fought their way into the US Capitol in Washington.”


The name of the picture by Oana Bakovic is “Intergalactic.” “Purple sensations are great flowers to look at and take pictures of any time, any place.

But imagine my luck in September 2021 when I found this infinite treasure at the back of the playground at Kew Gardens.”